Consulting Services

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Professional international relations services.


Data Analysis

We can help you analyze survey responses, developing informational statistics on data, or conducting a network analysis of people or organizations.

Grantwriting and Administration

We can boost your chances of obtaining scarce resources with a strong application, and keep on top of the record-keeping and reporting requirements.

International Development Program Evaluation

Thinking of donating time, money, or resources to an international aid organization? We can research prospective organizations for you, examining elements such as resilience ties to their community and to other organizations.

Policy Research and Analysis

We don’t just give policy recommendations, we tell you the most viable version of that policy given current political conditions and give you a political strategy for attaining it.

Curriculum Development and Lesson Planning

Employee or volunteer training courses should have interesting and creative content as well as open and achievable objectives. We can design your curriculum around your needs.

Research Methodology

Building a survey? Collecting sales or membership data? We can design and implement techniques that lead to high-quality, consistent data generation for robust insights.

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