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Are you a teacher or social worker dealing with students or clients from another country or culture?  Our courses, based on peer-reviewed research in cross-cultural competency, allow you to explore countries or meet professional development requirements in a supportive environment that makes learning flexible and accessible, even for beginners.

GeoLyceum’s courses are reasonably priced, and are designed to help you acquire new information and tools you can use right away to enhance classroom instruction or client interactions.

Long Island Immigrant Communities:

Demonstrate cultural competence with regard to the largest immigrant communities on Long Island; including factual, conceptual, and attributional knowledge.  Students will be able to identify political and economic push factors in the origin countries that encourage migration, gender roles common to the cultures discussed, and polite behavior assumptions common to the cultures discussed.

Central America

Covering El Savador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

South Asia

Covering Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh.

The Caribbean

Covering Haiti, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica.

Italy/the Philippines

Covering Italy and the Philippines (separately!).

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Develop cultural competency.